• Boston Common: Hear the echoes of 350 years of the most extraordinary history of America’s oldest park. Here the Colonial militia mustered for the Revolution. In 1768, the hated British Redcoats began an eight-year encampment. George Washington, John Adams and General Lafayette came here to celebrate our nation’s independence. The 1860s saw Civil War recruitment and anti-slavery meetings. During World War I, victory gardens sprouted. For World War II, the Common gave most of its iron fencing away for scrape metal.  $14.95



  • Portsmouth:  Settled in 1623, as Strawbery Banke, Portsmouth is a historic seaport that boasts an intriguing mix of the old and the new. As one of the oldest cities in the US, it was founded just three years after the settlement at Plymouth MA, the city has a walkable scale that is more often seen in European villages than in US cities. The city is named Portsmouth in honor of New Hampshire’s founder, John Mason. He had been captain of the port of Portsmouth, England, in the county of Hampshire, after which New Hampshire is named.
  • Downtown (Shorter):  $14.95

  • Downtown (Longer):  $14.95

  • Exeter:  Exeter was one of the four original towns established in New Hampshire, and was first settled in 1638 as Squamscott. It was given the name Exeter by the settlement’s managers, known as the Exeter Combination.  The riverside location of the town made it a shipbuilding center and West Indies trading port, Exeter’s charter included the present day towns of Epping, Newmarket, Newfields, and Brentwood.  $14.95