It looks like it is time for you to grow your own fresh Brown Turkey Figs in New England! This variety is hardier than most and forgiving of many human gardening errors. It isn’t as sugary sweet as many figs. Their flavor is fresh and delicate.

I have been growing and harvesting figs for 25 years. If you pay attention to your figs and winter them over properly, you can easily have fresh figs in late summer, next year. You only need one plant to produce fruit.

Are you purchasing this potted fig in late summer or early fall? These plants will stay outside until hard frost will force them into their natural dormant state. After they have lost their leaves, the pots are best brought into a cool dark space like a cellar to spend the winter sleeping. Water them minimally and wait until Spring. In late Spring, plant them into the earth or transfer them to a patio pot.

Are you purchasing this potted fig in spring or summer? Plant them in full sun with good drainage and don’t over water them. In Italy, Greece and Spain, where we love to pick them off the 15 foot high trees, they grow like weeds! When fall comes, then make a plan to either bring them into your house or learn to bury them for a restful, protected sleep.

Here are websites where someone more ambitious than me has written up great instructions for growing figs in our cold climate.

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