Our Ultimate Treasure Hunts are based on the Scandinavian sport of Orienteering and have evolved into a list of adventurous activities for all ages. We have modified the basic game of using a map to find ‘controls’ to find clever clues, instead. We create excitement for people for birthday parties and wedding gatherings. We use stickers for non-readers and GPS caches, Text Message Interactive Clues and Mall Scavenger Hunts for everyone else. It makes the event include everybody which is what we all really want.  Don’t guess that this hunt is just for little kids. It’s not. We can design a forest hunt too challenging for an adventure racer, but we won’t make it too hard for the kids!


We have designed and facilitated events for weddings, picnics, family reunions, campus retreats,  kindergarten play days, military navigation training, ski areas, birthday parties, town wide historic celebrations, graduations and mountain bike races.  The list is endless, really! We are at home in the seacoast of New Hampshire and go, regularly, to New York City and around the country.


We started off with pirates and treasure almost 20 years ago! How about MISSION:POSSIBLE with a GPS App? Amazing Race with clues and check points where teams solve puzzles to reach the finish? Geo-caching? Night hunts with headlamps and reflective clues? The newest craze with ‘Break Out’ puzzles is easy to modify into a hunt for all. Out tour app can be used for a customized family history tour.  We customize every hunt to match your theme.


All kids love a treasure hunt, but we can make our hunts challenging and exciting for Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet 16’s, and Graduation parties. Photo themed scavenger hunts or QR CODE phone hunts fit right in with the challenge of map reading. Mall Scavenger Hunts are a big hit. Fear Factor has been replaced over the years with survivor themed hunts. Teams might even use their cell phones and reply to pre-programmed texts to receive the clues. Boston Common is a great place to learn about the city, together.


Most everyone thinks of finding a clue that will lead to another clue. Nope. Not this hunt. Teams spread out in the landscape and navigate to clues. You can’t focus on your own map if you are watching everyone else so it gets pretty exciting. We can design the hunt to have a winner, but we have found that players and parents love a cooperative finale…….everyone wins!

  • We come to your home or park, where the party will take place, and create an accurate map of the area; inside and/or out, a mall or museum.
  • Clues are placed in interesting locations that, when found, lead the participants to the key that opens the Treasure Chest.
  • Pre-reading children are able to succeed by finding stickers and stampers.
  • Kids stay on property and out of the woods.
  • Parents, too, become excited and are often observed looking for clues themselves.
  • The kids (or grown ups) don’t even realize they are learning a very useful and transferable skill.
  • We make the map ahead of time and produce copies for the kids to learn about map reading before the game begins.
  • About 30-40 minutes before party time, we arrive with a big pirate treasure chest.
  • You supply the treasure. Usually, it’s goody bags. It can be more exotic but kids are perfectly happy to get the loot bags.
  • We can supply “gold” (gold-painted chestnut-sized gravel) – a nugget for all. Believe it or not, we’ve had corporate leaders wait in line for their nugget, just like the kids!
  • The game culminates in an exciting rush for the key and distribution of the treasure.
  • There are only winners as everyone participates in the grand ceremony of opening the chest.
  • Worried about the weather? That can’t stop a good time! We have been known to shovel a maze in the snow for birthday parties.