We have been creating fun map, text message and GPS hunts around North America for private group activities and inspirational team building. We are using those many years of accumulating maps and clues to create walking and driving tours for everyone to enjoy. We love education. We love seeing people enjoy the landscape and learn history, together.

  1. It’s easy!! Download the FREE App and play the sample tour to see how it works. The circles on the map are the locations you must find to answer the questions when you play. No business will need to be open for you to take most tours. Sometimes, we create a special hunt for festivals and conferences with stores involved. 
  2. Choose your destination city. We are rapidly expanding the cache of online tours. Once you choose your destination city and purchase a hunt, you will receive a code to unlock your tour. It will stay LIVE for 24 hours once you enter the code.
  3. Prepare for fun! Take a walk on the wild side. You will be visiting places that other folks might not see if they don’t know where to look.

What? You don’t have an iPhone? An Android system is coming, soon, but you can still play with any phone that can text. When you select your destination city, you will see an option to purchase a text message tour. You will download the map and use the interactive text message interface to answer questions and move through the town.

Do you know of a special place we should create a tour for? Let us know. We will see what we can do. Our creative cartographer elves are EVERYWHERE!