We had a great turnout and amazing fall weather in Allenstown, NH, for the weekend of October 19 and 20. Young people are discovering this sport has personal challenges not limited to physical ability. The social aspects, self improvement and mental development are unsurpassed by any other sport.

Registered runners came from Europe, Canada, and all across the US. We had 25 cadets from West Point and an ambitious group of ROTC youth from New Jersey. There were over 300 people finding their way through Bear Brook State park.

newhashire Think running in the woods locating flags that are placed in specific locations. It is a treasure hunt! The better you are at using a map to navigate, the quicker you will get to flags. You approach obstacles such as streams, rock faces and thick, green vegetation with a sense of adventure. Maybe you should go through them…..maybe you should go around. There isn’t a right way to do it, but the best way for you.

When you reach the finish, no matter how it went in the forest, you join the crowds of people, of all ages, sharing their experiences and commiserating about their routes.